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What makes us unique? Genes – they make people and animals different in surprising and amazing ways… [Download]

Author Bio

Deborah Katz is a Vancouver, BC, nursing professor with nearly 20 years of experience in health care. She is also an artist who, before moving into digital illustration, painted using a multimedia approach that involved acrylics, watercolour, photography, and collage… [Download]

Rare Disease Foundation Fact Sheet

The Rare Disease Foundation (RDF) supports people who have been diagnosed with a rare disease… [Download]

Reviews and Endorsements

The Diabetes Site

The Diabetes Site’s goal is to give people a resource to help educate themselves as well as spread awareness of this disease to the community… [Read Our Review]

Asha Loves Science

Asha Loves Science is a series of animations and books designed especially for preschoolers and elementary age children… [Read Our Review]

The Mighty

We face disability, disease and mental illness together… [Read Our Review]

Think Genetic

ThinkGenetic was created by a consortium of organizations driven by the desire to improve lives and empower people living with a genetic disease… [Read Our Review]

Rare Disease Report

Supporting patients living with a rare disease… [Read Our Review]

The Autism Site

The Autism Site was born out of the desire to spread the word about the growing number of children and families who are coping with the challenge of autism, and to provide a way for everyone to help…. [Read Our Review]