Rare Is Everywhere Awarded the 2018 Vine Award for Children’s Literature!

I have wonderful news to share –
Rare Is Everywhere has been awarded the 2018 Vine Award for the category of Children’s Literature!

There was a lovely award ceremony and I’m still on Cloud 9! Here is the Toronto Star’s short piece on it:


The jury’s comments:

Children’s/Young Adult: Rare is Everywhere – Deborah Katz (Miss Bird Books) – “Fun, exciting and such a different take on difference and diversity for our small children.”

And a write-up about the award said this:

“Her book, Rare is Everywhere, uses pictures and descriptions of rare animals as a way to teach children to embrace differences in themselves and others. Katz was inspired to write the book because of her work as a nurse, where she saw lots of children who felt isolated by their differences.

“I kept coming across children who felt like they were different for some reason, whether they had a health condition, or a disability, or some other difference, even a cultural difference or their family status that made them feel like they were the only ones in the world,” she said. “I wanted to be able to show them that, actually, differences are everywhere – that if you take a bird’s-eye view, you can see those differences, and they make us stronger.”


And so grateful – thank you to all of you who have been so supportive throughout — it has really made a difference and kept me forging ahead – thank you!!